Organic and natural production

For more than 30 years, we have banned all systemic treatment and opted for sustainable cultivation. Just as we have ruled out any chaptalization or acidification.

From the vine....

On the whole domain we ban all systemic processing. We let nature and the winegrower (his interpreter) do their work.

In search of authentic quality, Joël Michel rejected the use of anti-rotting products in 1979.

In 1983, he chose a controlled natural grass cover. Indeed, the vine, in competition with the grass, develops a deeper and more vigorous root system, allowing it to draw the minerals necessary for the formation of grapes in the very heart of the terroir, giving it the unique character of our hills.

In the same way, it eliminates the use of fertilizers, preferring humus amendments made of manure spread in winter. In this way, it is the soil that is enriched and will slowly nourish the plants as they grow and mature.

In 1992, insecticides and acaricides were eliminated from the crop.

Since 2002, we have been using light equipment for the routine maintenance of our plots, particularly by hoeing, thus avoiding soil compaction and the use of chemical weedkillers.

In the cellar

The purity of the grape is preserved by natural vinification, excluding any addition of sugar (chaptalization), or special treatments such as acidification, decoloration, yeasting, enzyming, fining, filtration or cold passage.

We have chosen a fragmented vinification of the only healthy and ripe grapes. With natural fermentation in barrels and vats and maturing on the lees of fermentation.

During its evolution, the possible presence of some tartar crystals shows that this wine is natural and untreated. This forgotten terroir wine is only for people who think that "boredom was born one day from uniformity".