The Domain’s gardens

Three areas devoted to nature

Extend the pleasure of nature in our gardens on the banks of the Marne, home to ancient and rare species.

As soon as you cross the small wooden fence to the right of the manor house, it is as if time has frozen.

You will then discover a succession of 3 gardens going down to the banks of the Marne.

First meeting: the ceremonial garden with water walking from top to bottom, small bridges inspired by Claude Monnet’s Bassin aux NymphĂ©as, as if you were entering the painting.... All kinds of tree species, paths of small stones to make the Little Thumb fade. In the bamboo grove, we are trying to see if a panda wouldn’t hide there....

Second stage: the medieval vegetable garden which allows young and old to (re)discover many vegetables. A little further on, push the doors of this fantastic vegetable labyrinth made up of more than 600 purple beech trees.

Third discovery: The Park, a wooded relaxation area, sculpted by man’s hand to provoke surprises. Fruit trees, rare species follow one another. At the bend of a forest path, admire an amazing pear tree more than a hundred years old, just like this gigantic cherry tree which will be, in the right season, very generous with visitors....