The vineyard estate

13 hectares at the Portes de la Champagne

The three Champagne grape varieties are grown on 13 hectares of hillsides facing due south in the Marne valley.

Today, the farm has 13 hectares of vines in production.

For a good diversity, we cultivate the three Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. It is the blends of these three Champagne grape varieties that give the typical character of Champagne wines.

The terroir

The soils of this region of Champagne are based on hard limestone and have a heavy clayey texture that can sometimes be asphyxiating in wet conditions. Naturally low in potassium, they have a high natural magnesium fertility.

Another determining characteristic of Champagne is its predominantly calcareous subsoil. Chalk promotes soil drainage and provides a reservoir of water underground, which is ideal for the plant and promotes grape ripening.

This combination of factors, unique in the world, gives Champagne wines its characteristics of exceptional finesse that have made its worldwide reputation.

Optimal exposure

Located on the slopes of the Marne Valley, the natural slope of the plots exposes our vineyard to the south. This orientation offers the vines a good exposure to sunlight from the early hours of the day, thus ensuring that the grapes reach excellent maturity.